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Any Tone - TERMN-8R


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The TERMN-8R is an enhanced version of the OBLTR-8R. This radio will monitor the NOAA channel for your area and will activate when an alert is issued. Very handy in regions that have major issues such as tornados.

    The TERMN-8R is one of the most flexible radios available, it can receive transmissions on 6 Different Bands. It can receive on UHF (400-520MHz), VHF (136-174MHz), Aircraft AM (108-136MHz), FM Broadcasts (64-108MHz), Short-Wave AM (2.3-30MHz), and AM Broadcasts (520-1710kHz).
  • Group and Individual Call Supported: almost every available Analog Tone Method. It supports CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 2 TONE, 5 TONE, and MSK calling methods. Set-up your calling methods to call by individual or by group. Send text messages using MSK and 5TONE methods.
  • Keep yourself and your family safe by tuning in to changing weather conditions. Features Weather Radio Broadcast mode, select a weather channel and hear the latest weather alerts from NOAA.
  • Radios Come Programmed And Ready To Use.
  • Comes With:
  • One TERMN-8R Radio Body
    2200mAh Battery
    High Gain Antenna
    Earpiece with Remote Mic
    Desktop Charger
    120v AC Adapter
    Belt Clip
    Wrist Strap

Ear Piece and Microphone

Each Sold Separately


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Wearing a hard plastic ear piece and mic set for several hours can really wear on your ear. We have found the PTT MI In-ear Covert Earpiece Headset for BAOFENG Radio to be extremely comfortable for an entire morning service, so much so that you hardly even notice you are wearing one.

Both right and left ear can be worn comfortably.

  • PTT In-ear Covert Earpiece Headset features:
    • A remote microphone with push to talk button you can clip anywhere.
    • The transparent tube connecting the ear bud makes you look like a secret service agent or a body guard and protects your health from radio electromagnetic wave radiation.

    • The earpiece/speaker fits snugly in your ear easily which keeps your conversations private.

    • Length of the cable (Plug to PTT): 135cm.

    • Two-pin standard diameter: Ear 3.5mm stereo (top pin). Mic 2.5mm stereo (bottom pin).

    • Space of two-pin: 11mm. • Weight: 35g.

"Having dependable communication using high quality radios between team members has been invaluable.